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We are a team of experts with diverse training and experience that translates the genetic code for athletes, coaches, and management, providing a scientific basis for optimization decisions.
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Based on modern genetic research, we develop individual, specific recommendations for actions.
In our youth we were in professional or amateur squads. Today we are still actively involved in sports. We know what it means to live with and for sports. Discipline, deprivation, training and competition stress are just as familiar to us as the joy of winning, the togetherness among athletes and the reverence for performance! With this experience and the knowledge from the findings of modern medicine, Paul Friedl, Dietmar Karner and Prof. Dr. Florian Pfab founded DNAthlete AG and want to make DNA technology accessible for top-class sports.
Paul Friedl

Sport has always been my vocation and for some years also my profession. I know the euphoria of winning a title but also the despair after losing 19 games in a row. I can still feel the pressure of the national jersey on my shoulders. In the meantime, I also know how thin the air is at 8,000 meters and what thoughts accompany you on the trembling beam on the Bergisel ski jump. During and after my studies, sport shaped my life and is still an essential part of my current professional life. Helping athletes to realize their lifelong dream is what drives me.
Paul Friedl
Dietmar Karner
I grew up as a city kid and first ran after the ball on "ghetto courts" - only to realize at some point that it's also possible to do it less bloody. In typical Austrian fashion, this realization matured in dance school. The change to sport dancing came rather coincidentally, but then all the more intensively: I experienced my greatest successes in Latin American formation dancing with 2 world championship and one European championship participation. Today I take it easier: Jogging and yoga are the perfect balance for a business administration graduate who is responsible for sales and organization at DNAthlete AG.
Dietmar Karner
Florian Pfab
My enthusiasm for sports is also a common thread running through my life. I began my training in sports medicine during my studies in human medicine. Further stations in sports medicine included sports orthopedics and radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston/USA), Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at the Klinikum Rechts der Isar of the TU Munich, FC Bayern Munich and FC Ingolstadt, scientific highlights such as my habilitation at the TU Munich (2009), a research fellowship from the German Research Society and a visiting professorship at Harvard Medical School (Boston/USA, 2010/2011).
Today, I have my own practice focused on sports medicine in Munich, head the medical department at Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, and hold teaching positions at the TU Munich and the University of Regensburg. In addition, I give lectures in sports medicine and publish in international scientific journals.
My motivation? Sports medicine is becoming more and more specialized. Topics such as individualization and prevention are coming more and more to the fore. Due to its scientific progress, genetics is now also ripe to be implemented in elite sports and to lift athletes to a new level of performance. And that's exactly what I enjoy!
Prof. Dr. Florian Pfab
Now I finally have the opportunity to combine my profession, hobby and passion. At the age of 5 I was already playing club soccer and then went through all the youth soccer selection teams and managed to gain a foothold in adult soccer (highest amateur league in Austria). I also worked as a coach for 2 years in youth soccer. Alongside soccer, I started studying genetics, which I completed with a doctorate. This was followed in 2022 by my habilitation at the Private Medical University of Salzburg. Today I'm head of human genetics at DNAthlete. I know from my own experience that it's the little things and details that can make the difference between success and failure in sport.
Priv.Doz. Dr. Thomas Kocher
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Our laboratory partner is one of the most modern and largest genomic laboratories in the world.

The best for the best. Just as your claim is to always give the best, we also only allow the best: Our laboratory partner is an international provider of genomic services with a focus on next generation sequencing, custom sequencing, genotyping, gene expression, oligonucleotides, siRNA and gene synthesis. The life science company has been in the market for more than 30 years, with locations in over 50 countries and more than 55,000 employees. Their claim is not only to deliver the highest quality with their products and services. Our partner also wants to make the lives of the people we reach together with our actions better - just like us. Professional teamwork...