It's in your genes. Realize your potential.

Use the latest insights in genetics for your athletic performance. Talent is genetics.

Talent is genetics. With the help of a sport-specific DNA analysis, you receive individual instructions on how to increase your athletic performance, minimize your risk of injury and maintain your health.

You spit into a DNA tube and we analyze your genetic blueprint. Depending on your individual profile in the 250 sports-relevant genes, you will receive individually tailored intervention measures for your optimized training control, nutrition, injury risk, mental performance readiness and your sleep behavior.

A team of experienced sports physicians and human geneticists is available for personal consultation with you and your support team.
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The right nutrition is much more decisive for performance than you think. DNA analysis determines your individual nutritional type and provides you with valuable information about which foods work for you and how. This allows you to optimize your personal eating and lifestyle.
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How does it work?

You decide on the suitable product/service offer from us.
  1. We will then send you a personalized DNA sample set.
  2. You spit into a DNA tube or take a stool sample and send it directly to our genetic laboratory in the enclosed reply envelope.
  3. At the same time you fill in your personal data, your history and your goals in your athlete profile. Only with your activation we start.
  4. Then we have your complete genome sequenced at one of the largest and most renowned medical gene laboratories in Europe. From this raw data, we determine your individual genetic predisposition to sports. A team of renowned and experienced sports physicians, human geneticists, nutritionists and sports scientists will put together an individual, customized intervention plan for you, which you will receive as a personal DNA report.
  5. Our team of experts is available to you and your support team for a personal consultation to the extent you require, to answer more in-depth questions and assess more specific intervention measures.
All of our findings are based on evidence-based, scientific knowledge of human genetics research and have been developed in collaboration with the Universities of Innsbruck, Salzburg, Munich and Los Angeles. We are subject to official medical certification guidelines. Medical confidentiality applies to us. We only process encrypted data sets with dual authentication to guarantee maximum data security.
You still have questions? We look forward to hearing from you!

Athletes worldwide rely on the analysis of DNAthlete.

If I had known this in my active days...!
Andreas Goldberger
Andreas Goldberger
Olympic and world champion
As a competitive athlete, you should know your disposition.
Roman Seberle
Roman Seberle
Olympic champion
I owe my World Cup medal to DNA analysis. It was only through you that I found a suitable nutrition program that works for me.
Bernhard Gruber
Olympic champion Nordic combined