We create more conscious, healthier and better performing athletes!

We want to make the findings and possibilities of modern genetic research accessible to top-level sport.
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What is genetics? What is it for?

Sporting (peak) performance is a complex interplay of different performance parameters. Much of this is attributed to talent but is largely predetermined in the individual genetic code. Modern genetics decodes and understands this genetic blueprint. It provides valuable information for customized control measures. This creates a more conscious and more efficient athlete.
• Measurability: DNA technology and our application are based on strictly scientific findings and procedures.
• Certainty: The self-assessment can be substantiated with scientific facts.
• Awareness: Knowledge of the genetic blueprint creates awareness of individual potential in athletes.
• Precision: All performance-relevant measures can be tailored to the individual athlete.
• Clarity: When athletes and their support teamwork with the same database, this creates understanding and clarity.

How does it work? What is the benefit?

We take DNA samples from athletes, sequence the entire genome (all genes) in a certified laboratory, then compare the sports-relevant, individual gene segments with our established knowledge database and can thus create a personalized report that shows the genetically determined advantages (talents) and also limitations in the respective personal genetic blueprint. From this, we derive individual, sport-specific recommendations for action for optimized
performance, injury prevention and health maintenance.
• Awareness: By knowing your personal genetic blueprint, you can optimize your own lifestyle, training and competition style in a more conscious and targeted way.
• Prevention: By knowing your potential limitations more accurately, you can avoid injury and maintain health.
• Motivation: More conscious athletes automatically focus on their strengths.

What makes us special?

We come out of the world of sports, understand the needs of athletes and know the requirements of athletes in training and competitions. Our company and our product are developed for top athletes.
On a scientific basis, we explain precisely where an athlete can increase his or her potential.
What conclusions do I draw from the test?
1. Performance: e.g., muscle type, training design, influence on weight
2. Risk of musculoskeletal injuries: e.g., ligament, tendon, muscle, bone and cartilage injuries
3. Psychological parameters: e.g., addiction potential, anxiety, concentration
4. Nutrigenetics: e.g., food intolerances, individual requirements for vitamins and supplements
5. Diseases: e.g. diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, arthrosis
6. Sleeping behaviour
What do I do with the results?
1. DNA is not a final judgment. DNA analysis shows predispositions with different probabilities and not a diagnosis. Every person has genetic advantages and disadvantages that can be better managed with a more conscious lifestyle.
2. An existing mutation does not have to have a serious effect, it is just more likely. Even if a genetic predisposition exists, a lot can be done to „turn it down“ or „turn it up“.
3. Greater awareness enables better and more effective decisions to exploit genetic advantages and neutralize disadvantages.
4. Achieve individual performance improvement
5. Better control training and competition
6. Avoid injuries
7. Pay attention to health care
8. Know the probabilities of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and intolerances
9. Use and promote own talents
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A woman and a man with the report from DNAthlete

Through various tests, we analyze your individual body down to the smallest detail.

Our products enable you to get to know your body better and improve your performance individually:
  • DNA test: analyzes your individual genetic blueprint
  • Epigenetics (in development): analyzes genetic changes due to intervention over time

This is how DNA analysis works at DNathlete

We match your DNA with your very personal characteristics. Before we get started, we want to learn more about you, your body and your psyche. For this purpose, we have developed a special set of questions that will help us draw the perfect conclusions for you.

The preparatory questions can easily be answered by you alone or together with the medical support team.

Along with the supplemental questions, you will receive a saliva test that will be sent back to DNathlete. Detailed instructions are enclosed and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.
The saliva test is analyzed in the laboratory by our experts, evaluated and tested for specific DNA building blocks. The results obtained are combined with your personal characteristics to create a customized report for you.
Each report is finally checked and controlled by our medical experts. This ensures that we have really taken into account all your personal characteristics and can give you an optimal recommendation.

The communication channels and your personal data are subject to the highest security standards.
Download the report as PDF file

You will get the results in a report PDF.

After eight to ten weeks you will receive a booklet with all your ordered DNA breakdowns. Depending on the agreement, the analysis and the implementation of your results will now take place - with us and/or your consultants, but for YOU!
About us
A data center stores the data securely.

The security of your personal data

The security of your data is enormously important to us! Our laboratory is licensed to perform medical genetic tests. Medical laboratories must meet particularly high data protection standards. There, all employees are subject to the same medical confidentiality as doctors and clinics. To protect your identity, samples are not labeled with names, but with an encrypted QR code.

All technical processes and the processing of your data are also protected by the highest security processes. Verified several times by our IT security experts.

Interested in improving your performance?

If you are interested in improving your performance or the performance of your team, simply contact us by email or phone.
We are happy to be able to support you.